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This is the page where you get to know your pet whisperer animal care giver!

Jer Paws 4 Pets is owned and operated by pet whisperer Jeri Gilbert. She is an experienced professional pet sitter, animal care giver, and dog walker. There are no bones buried about how much love and compassion she brings in taking care of her domestic and farm animals in her care. Colossal for Jeri!

“Most of my life I have been a teacher in some capacity and learned that integrity and compassion are key components for building long term happy relationships with people and animals.  My lifelong love for nature, animals and the ocean has brought me where I am today, enjoying life as an animal care giver! My love and passion for taking care of animals makes this company a dream come true for me. I have a supportive husband that helps out when I need it, and I’ve got a cat that allows me to visit my furry friends with a few extra scratches before I head out the door!”
Jeri Gilbert, pet whisperer

Friends, clients and colleagues call Jeri a pet whisperer because of the natural and mutual trust she has with the animals she meets and cares for.  Jeri has always respected this trust she somehow yields from animals and this always gives her a better perspective of how to work with different personalities.  Visit the testimonial page listed in the tab heading above and find out how this personable and friendly animal care provider can make a tail wagging difference in your life.

Visit my testimonial page and find out more about my pet sitting experiences!